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Welcome to
Thor Gabriel Tattoo

If you are here it means you too love tattoos and would like to know more.
Below you will find some of my favourite tattoo styles that I specialise in.
If you dont see the style you like here then please contact me for a free consultation.

Tattoo Sketches

Black & Gray Realism Tattoos

I specialize in all types of Black and Gray Realism projects, wheather its a micro portrait or a whole back piece.


Japanese Traditional Tattoos

With training in Okinawa Japan under the guidance of Master Horisei-san I have a special love for Japanese tattoos. Made either the traditional way called Tebori by handpoking the skin or the modern way with a machine its your choice.


Japanese Traditional Tebori Tattoos

Tebori is the Japanese Traditional way of tattooing without machines instead utilising a long handpoke tool to apply the ink to the skin. Tebori tattoos heal faster than conventional tattoos while the colour tends to become more vibrant over time.


Comic/Anime Tattoos

Do you love Comics or anime? love POP culture and movies or maybe videogames? So do I so don't hesitate to contact me about your awesome ideas.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Tattooing since 2008 I strive for excelence and a unique customer satisfaction experience in a friendly and safe anviroment.

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